Statement on Finances


    I would like to take this opportunity to share with you how God has provided for us financially. Throughout our training years with Word of Life and New Tribes Mission, God provided for us through various means including work, scholarships and the sheer generosity of His children. There were many times during those years that, through human eyes, our finances seemed lacking with due dates imminent. But God is not intimidated by deadlines, and always in His perfect timing, the need was met.


    Back in 2001, when we first went to the Philippines, New Tribes Mission had recommended a monthly support level based on the size of our family. However, convinced that God wanted us in the Philippines quickly, we left the USA with 33% of the recommended support. During our first term, our support level gradually increased, but it was the Lord who graciously took care of us and provided all of our needs every step of the way. God even provided for many ministry related travel expenses that we had not anticipated. He has been faithful, and we know God never changes.


    I share this testimony of God only to give Him praise in showing His grace to us, knowing that He provides through friends like you. We have since transferred from New Tribes Mission to International Baptist Missions Global, and currently our estimated support needs are $5725 per month. Our monthly support has remained consistent and has been averaging about 40% of that amount. These funds are budgeted to cover ministry expenses, housing, utilities, tithe, travel expenses, etc. (A more detailed listing is available upon request.) Independent Baptist Missions Global also ensures that all funds referenced for a specific ministry will be credited to that account without deduction.

Our business address:

Independent Baptist Missions Global

PO Box 607

Nashua, NH 03061

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